Eight Bible Study Tips

February 19, 2020 | Church | Jay Wintermeyer

Feel like your Bible study time needs a reboot? Here are eight ways to revitalize your time in the Word. 

Rewrite the Text

Rewriting texts like Betty Phillips does can help you find the relation of the important words and sentences.

Word Study

Pick a significant word and discover where and how it is used in one specific book of the Bible or the entire Scriptures.

Examine a Verse

Many verses are rich with deep Bible truths that cry out for more detailed study. There are several ways to study a single verse. You can study a verse by examining all the verbs or looking at all the nouns. You can look at the personalities or the ideas revealed in a verse. Sometimes a combination of these study methods will bring the richest results.

One Paragraph

Feel overwhelmed by chapters? Study a paragraph at a time. Pray about what you’ve read and ask God to reveal His specific message for you.

Chapter by Chapter 

Read a chapter a day for as little as 20 minutes a day, and you can make an intensive study of the whole Bible in a little over three years. Read a little more, and you can easily finish in a year.

Read a Book

Read straight through a book, then go back and study in detail the book’s contents. Draw from these details general conclusions or principles concerning the contents and purpose of the book.

Pick a Topic

Study the Bible according to great topics or subjects: Bible prayers, Bible promises, Bible sermons, Bible songs, Bible poems and so on. The list of Bible topics is unlimited.

Study People

The Bible is a record of God’s revealing Himself to people and through people. Pick a person in the Bible, read any reference to them, and discover how God worked in their life and how He wants to work in yours.