Mount Ellis Elementary Forms Family Groups

January 08, 2020 | Education | Renae Young

It’s been said the family is the heart of the home. At Mount Ellis Elementary School in Bozeman, Mont., family groups are becoming the heart of the school.

Starting this school year, Kaila Johnson, Mount Ellis Elementary School principal, along with her staff have formed family groups, which meet once a month, usually during an afternoon at school. The purpose of family groups is to create close-knit groups of students across different grade levels. Each family group has a staff member assigned to them who provides activities, whether it be of a spiritual nature, games or other activities. Johnson says students enjoy family group day and are excited for the activities.

A recent activity was a good-natured gingerbread house competition. Each group was given a supply kit and a set amount of time to make a house. The groups worked hard on their houses while trying not to eat the candy. Smiles and laugher filled the rooms as the gingerbread houses took shape. Each group finished in time and presented their houses. Students noticed how the creative houses were both similar and unique.

Though the activities may differ from month to month, the overall goal is to create connection among the students in a unique avenue.