MEA Holds Parent Weekend 2019

December 23, 2019 | Education | Jeni Schmidt

The weekend before Thanksgiving 2019, family and friends of Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) students gathered together to celebrate Parent Weekend in Bozeman, Mont. This weekend was an opportunity for parents to come on campus and get a small glimpse into the lives of their children.

Although it was a busy weekend, there were many moments to sit back and be impressed. MEA students filled every slot of every program the entire weekend, from vespers to church and the Sabbath afternoon concert. They sang, played instruments, acted in skits and shared sermonettes.

The weekend began on Friday evening with a shared soup and bread supper in the cafeteria. After supper, parents and students moved to the chapel for vespers. Nick Lawrence and Jonathan Schwarz, MEA chaplains, were responsible for the Sabbath programming. For vespers they organized a praise team song service. The seniors performed a skit entitled Everything and featuring Kailee Susens and Kaleb Jones, accompanied by most of the senior class. Two students, Shelby Dietrich and Cayden Fraiser, shared sermonettes. Vespers ended with the Dynamics, MEA’s premiere choir, performing "Esto Les Digo."

The Sabbath morning service featured MEA’s handbell choir Bellisimo and the choir. Students led song service and told the children’s story. Kyle Susens and Kaleb Jones spoke about setting examples and being fearless. Church was followed by Sabbath lunch in the cafeteria.

The music department presented a concert in the chapel Sabbath afternoon. Bellisimo, choir, violin ensemble and Dynamics, directed by Leisel Rogers, performed numerous sacred numbers they have been preparing for since school began this fall. The concert was followed by supper in the cafeteria.

Saturday night was the student/staff amatuer hour, a benefit for the sophomore class. The sophomores are grateful for the participants, the appreciative audience and the people who purchased snacks. There was a lot of laughter and fun.

The Sunday morning parent/teacher conferences were a huge success. It is such an important way for MEA teachers to learn more about the students and to get to know parents better. Parents were able to ask questions and understand MEA's academics.

Both staff and students worked hard to plan the weekend and were excited to share their work with parents and friends. Thank you to the parents who came and supported the students. We look forward to next year.