Longtime Middleton Minister Retires

November 27, 2019 | Church | Lynne Lent

Longtime lay minister Alvin Schnell of Caldwell, Idaho, retired Sabbath, Sept. 28, 2019, after many years of leading the congregation at the Middleton Church. The event was marked by about 100 guests for a luncheon.

Schnell first retired from his dental practice in October 2018 after seven years in Lancaster, California, and 41 years in Caldwell. Though unpaid, Schnell — with his wife, Coral, and mother-in-law, Mary Perry — has held many Bible studies, completed many community service projects, held prayer meetings and fulfilled countless emergency needs for all these years. 

The Schnells, along with Alvin's sister and brother-in-law, Melvin and Evelyn Wageman, began sharing Bible truth in Middleton in October 1999 through an evangelism series and then Bible study. The conference recognized the Middleton group of about 50 people as a church in 2000. The members first met in an old auto repair garage. A beautiful church building on Cemetery Road was built in 2009, with Melvin Wageman as the contractor.

The Schnells have built a home in Arizona but have promised to visit when they are in Idaho. The Middleton Church family has appreciated the many years of the Schnells' selfless service. They will be sorely missed. Elders and deacons will be leading worship services, prayer meetings and Bible studies. Dan Ross, another lay pastor, has volunteered to minister one to two times per month as well.