FoundationONE Hosts Donor Appreciation Dinner

November 01, 2019 | Education | Linda Klinger

FoundationONE, a group of lay people who are raising an endowment for scholarships for Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) students in Spangle, Wash., recently hosted its first donor appreciation dinner. In addition to thanking donors, the event recognized the foundation’s charter board members for their vision, energy and determination in establishing the foundation.

Mindy Weber, FoundationONE president, says, “Today, I feel privileged and honored to acknowledge the accomplishments of FoundationONE. Fifteen years ago our founding fathers planted a seed. It took root and began to grow. Now UCA has a steady stream of financial aid for students who desire a Christian education. To date FoundationONE has awarded more than $1 million in scholarships and, at the same time, we have grown the endowment to $3.6 million. This is nothing short of a miracle. Our highest praise goes to Jesus, our supreme Provider.”

UCA’s principal, Eric Johnson, gave the group a brief update on the school, explaining, “UCA would not be the great school it is today without the support of FoundationONE.”

Minner Labrador, Upper Columbia Conference president, added, “Our theme for the next four years is 'One More.' We want one more visitor, one more small group, one more Bible study, one more baptism, one more student. We need FoundationONE’s continued partnership to help students afford a Christian education.”

Linda Klinger interviewed Moises Ramirez, a senior at UCA. When Ramirez was 4, he and his three siblings were taken from their birth parents. For a time the children were passed from one foster home to another. Finally, the Ramirez family took them in and eventually adopted them. One year ago the Ramirez family joined the Adventist Church, and Moises came to UCA. Moises says, “UCA is helping me discover my talents and become grounded.”

Brielle (Bartells) Cortez, 2018 UCA graduate, shared what it meant to her to have the backing of FoundationONE. She said, “My parents were self-supporting missionaries. Without financial aid, I never would have been able to attend UCA.” She went on to share how the faculty members had mentored and encouraged her, and she thanked the group profusely for their kindness and generosity in helping her get to UCA.  

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