Alaska Is 'The Place'

Every year, The Place Adventist Fellowship Church in Southern California holds a mission trip outside the conference to make a difference for Christ. Under the leadership of Simon Liversidge, pastor, the team selected Alaska as their target to help with the various building projects at the Pioneer Campground where South Central Camp meeting is held.

The 56-member mission team consisting of adults, children, teens and young adults arrived on July 30 and started clearing the auditorium so the cracked cement flooring could be removed. This allowed a local flooring company to take over with the demolition. Next, the team focused on replacing and reinforcing the wood flooring for the Adventist Book Center so no one would “fall through the floor.” Then the team installed insulation, drywall and windows and painted 16 cabins. This allows the cabins to be useable during winter months.

Not only did the team give of their time and energy and pay their own airfare, but members also donated all the materials needed for this project, with the exception of 20 windows donated by a Northside Church (Anchorage, Alaska) member. They also brought their own power tools. When Ron Hatcher, the construction project manager and retired veteran, was ordering the building materials for this project, Home Depot staff gave a military discount and an additional discount when they heard this was a church mission project.

But it wasn’t all work with no play. The team had a taste of the Alaskan adventure by encountering a moose and bear at camp, viewing glaciers, enjoying the surrounding scenic mountains, and experiencing the beauty of Alaska. One team member, exclaimed, “I love it here! I want to keep coming back every year to help with this project and donate funds to help this conference.” An 18-year-old shared how he wants to come and live here so he can help with the mission of this conference.