Speak Freely

July 03, 2019 | Education | Faith Pepple

Sometimes I feel I have overlooked the great blessing of Adventist education. I forget I have the freedom of speech and thought to talk of God and realize His love for us. But then I remember this environment provides countless opportunities to prepare myself for a life devoted to bringing others to Christ, and I am excited to realize I have a whole school of people who want to aid me in this task.

In my classes, I do not have to keep my opinions to myself. I can talk with other peers and teachers about the life of Jesus. I can pray before most of my classes and start the periods with the presence of God in my classroom. I love being able to speak about the truths of the Bible and how they directly relate to us today.

The validity of the Bible’s accounts fills me with motivation to answer the challenging questions that arise in my life. In biology class this year, my classmates and I had a section about the origins of the universe. Instead of approaching this topic from a strictly humanistic point of view, our Seventh-day Adventist teacher helped us begin our search with an open mind. After studying differing points of view and other theories, we found God to be the most plausible answer. I believe the incredible complexity of the universe could only have been formed by the hand and the voice of a divine Designer.

My classmates and I have been able to share our opinions freely. This freedom has revealed how each of us interprets concepts differently and how even two people from the same church can see the same topic in varied light. In history class, we discuss how Christianity has affected people through the ages. Our teachers' questions spark avid discussions about how each of us views various topics relating to Adventism and other denominations. Not everyone at my school is an Adventist, but it’s promising to know I might be able to impact them through showing Jesus’ love and talking of His life and our future with Him.

Adventist education is a tool in God’s plan that helps draw His children into the light and reveal the truth to those who are searching. Being able to speak freely at my Adventist academy about God and His sacrifice is something I will forever be grateful for. Ellen White says in her book Education, “It is the work of true education to develop this power, to train the youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thought” (page 17). 

My goal is to maintain this ability to think and speak of God. I'm grateful Adventist education is helping to prepare me for life forever with Christ.