A Path of God's Love

July 03, 2019 | Education | Brian Harris

It is important for people to receive an education in their life. Time that students spend in school greatly shapes the way they live and behave, from everyday activities to controversial thinking. When students go to an Adventist school, they are exposed to Adventist character and knowledge. In my life, Adventist education has shaped me into who I am today. It’s a blessing through and through, whether I have risen or fallen.

When I first entered an Adventist school, I did not know how to behave in life or how to interact with others. But as I advanced through my education, I learned the rules for my life on how to live and treat other people. For example, I was noisy and obnoxious, bothering others’ personal peace and quiet. But now I know I should be respectful to those people by being silent.

Through Adventist education, I have also learned other necessities for living among society. Already mentioned, one of those necessities is how to treat others. What I’ve learned is you should respect everyone’s different views, beliefs and thoughts and treat them just as you would treat yourself.

But most importantly, Adventist education and its system has influenced me through its help with my battle against myself. Constantly I encounter countless temptations and trials where I must battle with myself to do what is righteous and not sinful. Through the school system, I met many friends who have helped me and comforted me, by being with me and talking with me about my troubles.

Furthermore, I had encountered the Bible, whose Word gives me lessons of insight in the ways of battle against sin. When I fall, I am shown how to rise up and grow so I may not fall again. Through Adventist education, I have learned of God’s ways and grown closer to Him that I may be more like Him through body, mind and soul. Despite falling away from Him time and time again, I find myself drawing closer back to Him as His child. Through Him, I learn how to be blameless, loving, happy and strong in Him. No matter what I face, whether it is good or bad in my life, it is a blessing from God. The experiences I have in life are more opportunities to grow and value what I have been given.

Through the Adventist education system, I have been shaped into a new person through learning about God and the new friends I have met along the way. From God, I have been blessed with trials and experiences, from the rules of life to the persecution of strife. Adventist education has influenced me by guiding me along the path of God’s love.