Mount Ellis Academy 2019 Accreditation Update

July 02, 2019 | Education | Jason Rogers

Mount Ellis Academy in Bozeman, Mont., has just finished its 117th year of operation in the Montana Conference.

This particular year was an amazing one that saw much growth with both the students and staff. Additionally, the campus is looking great, and there is a plan in place to keep moving forward with infrastructure improvements and overall school operation improvements.

Every six years an evaluation committee, formed by the North Pacific Union Education department, visits the Mount Ellis Academy campus and reviews all aspects of the educational program. In April 2019, a team of education directors, teachers and academy principals braved the Montana weather to do the assessment.

After an intense and thorough evaluation, Mount Ellis Academy is thrilled to report that another six years of accreditation has been granted. The six-year term will have a midterm review. The high marks are testament to the dedication given by faculty and staff who choose to work in the beautiful state of Montana.

It is our hope and prayer the highest standard of Christian education continues to be of utmost importance at Mount Ellis Academy.

Thank you for your continued support in the life-changing gift of Christian education.