Adventist Education Means Hearts on Fire

July 03, 2019 | Education | Paris Quave

Christian education is one of the most important undertakings of the modern Adventist Church. But is this money and time well-spent? In my personal opinion, I believe it is. My personal experiences have led me to believe that a Christian experience will enrich lives and encourage students every day to have a relationship with God. A Christian education provides an individual with many benefits, including a better academic environment, more opportunities for service and the ability to pursue a closer relationship with God.

Attending a Christian school allows for individuals to learn in encouraging educational environments. Christian schools, particularly Adventist schools, typically enroll fewer students than public schools. Some could argue this isn’t the best thing, but I love it because there is a more favorable student-to-teacher ratio. The teachers have more time to sit down with us and help the students understand the material better. It has made me feel more valued when a teacher will sit down with me and go over things step by step in a way that I learn best. These factors combined provide an incredibly encouraging environment for each student.

A private Christian school has the ability to provide more opportunities for service that not all schools can. Having a smaller student body means that the chance for a student being elected for a leadership position is greater. I am the president of the student association this school year, and that has helped me grow as a leader mentally and spiritually. Becoming educated about how to be a leader comes with a lot of responsibility. Being in an Adventist school has shown me how to be a leader everywhere I go.

Next, students doing sports have the opportunity to feel more like family. Going to an Adventist school has shown me how to give service to our communities. During my time at Rogue Valley Adventist Academy, this has involved mission trips to New York City, Costa Rica and Paradise, California. Adventist schools have given me special, unique and life-changing experiences I would not have had elsewhere.

To me, the most important part of Christian education is growing closer to God every day. There is something special about learning with a group of friends that uplift you spiritually. Even while playing sports, you can feel the love and encouragement out on the court. Our Lady Hawks basketball team started praying with each team in the middle of the court after every game. Our basketball league isn’t a Christian league, and this has been an excellent way to light a spark in other people's lives. Being able to spread the love of Jesus to anyone we meet is such an amazing thing, and I never want to stop!

All of these things have changed my life dramatically. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without the opportunities I’ve had through the Adventist schools. I am more of a leader, a witness and most importantly a heart on fire for Christ.