Sitka Adventist School Kids Describe Their Year

June 26, 2019 | Education | Kallie McCutcheon

A few days ago, I tasked my students with writing a news article to tell what has been happening in our class lately. My little cherubs jumped right in, pencil in hand, to eagerly complete their assignment. I told them that they could reference any activity throughout the school year that had stood out to them as particularly “sweet.” I wrote one too!

Mrs. McCutcheon

Who: My class and I

What: New Bible curriculum

When: This whole school year! 2018–2019

Where: Sitka, Alaska

Why: When I was trained in this new Bible curriculum, I liked how it emphasized a relationship with Jesus for the students to “encounter” Christ.

How: I attended a training to learn how to teach it and then brought back that info to my classroom and launched the new Bible curriculum in school year 2018–2019.

Russell, eighth grade

What: Science Center

When: Three to four weeks ago

Where: Sitka, Alaska

Why: Because it’s educational and really fun.

How: We did a scavenger hunt at the science center and then went to the park.

Juanita, seventh grade

What: Hames Center visit

When: Friday, March 15, 2019

Where: Sitka, Alaska, Hames Center

Why: Raining every day and we wanted to do something fun.

How: A parent [who] came and Mrs. McCutcheon drove their cars filled with children. When we got there we played different games on our own.

Games We Played: 

  • Basketball;
  • Mat-Kart (invented game);
  • Maze Run (also an invented game);
  • Many other different things.

Tristen, seventh grade  

What: Beach time

When: Over the school year

Where: In front of our school in Sitka, Alaska, we have a beach.

Why: Because it is very fun to find cool stuff.

How: Going on the beach and just looking and climbing rocks and looking under rocks.

Lilly, fifth grade

What: When the class got all new Bibles.

When: March 18, 2019 (yesterday)

Where: Sitka, Alaska, school

Why: Because Mrs. McCutcheon is kind and awesome.

How: She bought them.


You may notice that there aren’t too many adjectives in this article. That is because I chose to leave my students’ words as original as possible without fixing niggling grammatical errors. Matt. 18:3 states that “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Maybe it is a child’s basic directness that Jesus coveted for us (sometimes) nuanced, complicated adults.