Boise Valley Goes to Camp Ida-Haven for Outdoor School

May 04, 2019 | Education | Gerry Essink

For the first time, Camp Ida-Haven in McCall, Idaho, hosted Outdoor School for the Boise Valley Adventist School sixth graders. Known to area campers as the place “where the fun never ends,” Camp Ida-Haven will now also be known to Boise Valley Adventist School students as the home of their memorable Outdoor School experience.

Five students and six parents, along with teacher Simon Chung, were greeted on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, by directors Douglas and Darla Roe, alongside understudy Daniel Jenks. Each day consisted of fabulous meals, group worships, intimate reflections, fun activities and outdoor education. Students grew closer to nature and each other before leaving for home Friday, April 19.

Douglas Roe and Jenks shared morning and evening worship thoughts that included input and activities with both students and parents. One worship highlighted how critical it is to listen for God to answer. Generally we pray, but then move on so quickly and regretfully forget to listen for His response. Multiple worships focused on kindness to others.

The days consisted of orienteering, meeting Merlin the Owl from the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary, first aid, fire building, hikes, snow science, outdoor survival skills, crafts, games, ice skating and relaxation. Students expressed their favorites were first aid and snow science. Sixth grader Orion Chavez stated, “Playing in the snow was my favorite part, even when I fell, and making fire was amazing.”

Boise Valley Adventist School sixth grade students have fond memories of Outdoor School at Camp Ida-Haven. Though they were sad to leave, they couldn’t wait to share the experience with their fifth grade friends, so they could anticipate a similar experience next year.