WWU Media Master’s Program Seeks Creative Students

April 25, 2019 | Education | Lynelle Ellis

Several open slots in this coming year’s Walla Walla University (WWU) class for the Master of Arts in cinema, religion and worldview, create an opportunity for creative-minded students, including already employed professionals.

The Mission

This innovative WWU program prepares students to create thought-provoking, visual stories and to understand the beliefs that underpin those stories. Those who complete this program are uniquely prepared for leadership in Christian film, communication and related media, and for thoughtful filmmaking in a variety of fields for diverse audiences.

Building New Skills

This online program allows those already in a career to keep working while advancing their ability to become Christian storytellers in whatever field they choose. They can earn while they learn. They can become leaders in creative gospel communication, filmmakers who deeply understand the stories they tell. They will break new ground in church media, general-audience films, or nonprofit and ministry communication with the unique training the WWU program offers. Whether their background is visual storytelling, pastoral ministry, or communicating messages to a target audience, WWU expert instructors fill in the other pieces of the puzzle and tailor class choices to each unique career goal.

Diverse Career Choices

Here are just a few of the directions that successful graduates may choose after completing this WWU program:

  • Film director, producer, screenwriter and more;
  • Video or online marketing for nonprofit organizations;
  • Church media pastor or conference communication leader;
  • Visual content producer for healthcare organizations or other corporations.

Several who are completing the first two-year flight of the program are already moving forward into creative endeavors as a result. The scope of the WWU program is unique in its approach to media from a Christian worldview. It is a special opportunity for those inclined to engage their world with contemporary methods.

More Information

Deadlines for application for the next available program are coming soon. Explore more program information online without delay at film4him.org. For additional clarification or details, contact Lynelle Ellis, program director, at commlang@wallawalla.edu, or 509-527-2832.