PLR Reaches the Goal and Beyond

Positive Life Radio held its annual Spring Fundraiser March 19–22, 2019. Spring Fundraiser is an opportunity for listeners to support Positive Life Radio for the coming year. More than 330 friends called to pledge support, raising more than 103 percent of the goal by Thursday evening.

On Friday morning the hosts focused on a special project that has been on hold for quite a while. Spring Fundraiser ended with additional gifts from listeners just over $9,000 for rebuilding the Positive Life Radio website.

During the event, Cathy called in and said she had recently moved to Washington and just started listening. She sent in a prayer request, and several people responded with prayer support. She said, “It felt like an answer from God and made me cry.”

Kelly in Moses Lake shared, “I have listened to Positive Life Radio every morning for more than five years. It has helped me every day and during difficult trials. I look forward to hearing Dave [Arthur] and having the Holy Spirit speak through him.”

Positive Life Radio is a nonprofit, noncommercial FM radio station that covers most of eastern Washington and parts of Oregon and Idaho. It is fully funded by listeners and local business underwriters. Positive Life Radio has been a ministry of Walla Walla University since 1963.