Glacier View Hosts Tenth Souper Bowl

April 10, 2019 | Church | Billee Collins

This was the 10th year the Glacier View (previously named Ronan) Church has held the Souper Bowl fundraiser for their local food pantries, the Ronan Bread Basket and Polson Loaves and Fishes. These 10 years has seen approximately 35,000 cans of soup distributed to the food banks.

This year, Glacier View Church received a letter from the Ronan Bread Basket Emergency Food Pantry.


Feb. 10, 2019

Dear Russ Jenkins and the Adventist Congregation,

Blessings by the case! And three times in a year!

We at the Ronan Bread Basket are so grateful to your congregation for providing many, many cases of soup to our food pantry so that we may help our neighbors and clients who are not always food secure.

What better meal can we give than a hot bowl of soup? Each time a client comes to our facility, he/she receives a can or two of soup that you have so generously donated. Every person who receives soup from us is pleased and appreciative.

The Bread Basket serves 150 to 200 families each month so the blessing from you is spread throughout our community. Since we have not had to purchase soup from our Bread Basket money supply, we are able to provide other nutritious items for our clients. Thank you all.

After the 2018 Super Bowl we received almost 4,000 cans of soup. Our supply was getting very low when your congregation came through with many cases of soup in November. And then we had another great delivery in February 2019.

Your church is a wonderful, giving group that we have come to count on. Please accept a bushel basket full of thanks from all of us on the Bread Basket Board and from the families we serve.

Most sincerely,

Marilynn Tanner, Ronan Bread Basket secretary