Essential Supplies Warehouse Spreads Love to Community

In western Washington, there are many local nonprofit ministries that are committed to providing families and individuals in need with basic living supplies. One recent addition to this ministry is the new Washington Conference Essential Supplies Warehouse on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Wash.

What once began as a volunteer opportunity at the World Vision Teacher's Resources Center in Fife, the service opportunity developed into an affiliation and partnership with Washington Conference and western Washington Adventist churches and schools.

In its first two months, the warehouse has already impacted multiple community members by providing them with the basic living supplies a family or individual needs to make a home.

The warehouse, working in affiliation with World Vision in Fife, collects supplies and distributes those supplies to the families, individuals and ministries in need. Many of these supplies rarely stay long in the warehouse before they are distributed to those in need.

The positive impact of this ministry is already wide.

Supporting Adventist Schools and Churches

“We have had 10 of our small schools, two of our medium-sized schools and two of our larger schools benefit from the paper products so generously provided,” says Gayle Lasher, Washington Conference Essential Supplies Warehouse manager. “Auburn Adventist Academy has enough goods to last the year, and one of our small schools came back for more supplies after realizing the cost savings and opportunity to invest more deeply in the education of their students through this gift.”

Auburn Adventist Academy has also benefited from new furniture for their dorms to replace aging and broken furniture.

An International Impact

Each year, a group of students from Auburn Adventist Academy goes on a spring break mission trip to the Philippines. While there, they visit an orphanage the Auburn community has supported for nearly 20 years. This year, the academy needed supplies for activities. With the donations from the warehouse, they brought craft items, stickers, pompoms and more to teach 650 children the love of Jesus through Vacation Bible School activities. The warehouse was also able to supply the mission group with new luggage and other containers to transport the craft supplies.

Sunset Lake Camp

The buildings and furniture at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash., have aged with wear and tear over the years. Through the warehouse, the camp received new furniture and paper products that will supply them through the entire summer.

“The offset of costs these supplie provides will allow the camp to serve the 800 children in even more ways this summer,” says Lasher.

The Community Impact

The partnering schools are extending the impact of this warehouse to families in their community.

“One of our small schools had a family in need, and they were able to deliver a new sectional sofa to this family of seven,” says Lasher. “The children were so excited and helpful when the trailer showed up, and they all wanted to be part of the blessing. Watching the parents so humbly accept the gift was heartwarming.”

The Essential Supplies Warehouse is now currently working to provide heaters for all of the families in the local school community.

Muckleshoot Community

During February, the Auburn Adventist Academy Church worked with the housing director for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe in Auburn, Wash., to serve four families with much-needed furniture that will support them and their children to get started on a very positive future.

“The example they can be for others will have the opportunity to continue to bless in practical ways,” says Lasher.

Adventist Community Services

In partnering with the Essential Supplies Warehouse, Bonney Lake (Wash.) Adventist Community Services served their community members with paper supplies, hygiene items, kitchen needs and cleaning supplies.

As of February, the warehouse has served 5,847 adults and 7,075 children.

“All of our partners are so very grateful for the gifts that have been given for the benefit of the families in their communities,” says Lasher. “We look forward to being able to continue to bless others, especially the children in our schools and communities, as donors are gracious to provide this opportunity.”

Is your church or ministry interested in partnering with this totally involved ministry to help impact your community? Please email Gayle Lasher to learn more.