Clark Fork Member Offers Heavenly Music

March 14, 2019 | Church | Beth Duffey

The Clark Fork Church is tucked away in the tiny town of Clark Fork, located in the north Idaho panhandle only 6 miles from the Montana border. Members here have special treasures though and are richly blessed by the musical talent in their midst.

Frank Thieme, one of the church’s oldest members, gifts the members with tunes on his “balitar.” Every Sabbath when he is able and available, Theime plays from his long list of classics and hymns between Sabbath School and the church service. The sanctuary is hushed by his special music, which helps to generate a reflective heart and prayerful interlude.

Many are familiar with the traditional Russian balalaika, with its wooden, triangle-shaped body and usually three strings. Theime’s instrument is similar but not the same.

As a younger man, Theime took a few guitar lessons and took off from that point on his own, mastering how to play. In the meanwhile, he built his own motorcycle repair business. A craftsman, he decided to seek help from a local renowned guitar-maker to build his dream instrument, his balitar. In exchange, he repaired the man’s motorbike.

Clark Fork Church welcomes visitors. Come and enjoy Frank Theime’s amazing music.