Valentine's Day Ministry Ideas for Your Church

The North American Division (NAD) ministerial department recently shared a list of ideas your church or ministry could provide on Valentine's Day as an outreach and evangelism tool. Check out their list below and consider implementing one or more of these ideas at your church.

  1. Parents Night Out: Provide free or low-cost child care so that moms and dads can spend an evening alone. Promote it to the church and to the community as well.

  2. Love Bible Studies: Guide your small groups to cover love and relationship issues for a few weeks. There are plenty of resources out there for things like this, and people always need relationship help.

  3. Memorable Marriage Moments: Allow a few couples with lasting marriages a chance to share some of their stories and secrets during your February services or through video testimonies on your website or social networks.

  4. Love a Family: Choose a specific family or group of families to love with action and use this day to gather volunteers, resources or finances to help the family with whatever needs they might have.

  5. Decorate Cupcakes for Seniors: This idea is great if you have a significant number of seniors in your church or if you decide to visit a nursing home. You could bake or solicit unfrosted cupcakes from the parents and involve the Adventurers and Pathfinders in decorating them. Bring some frosting, sprinkles, cupcake boxes or small plates. Ask each child to frost a cupcake and sign a Valentine card. Give those items to the seniors!

  6. Romantic Dinner: Your family ministries can oversee a romantic dinner in your church and invite couples from your church and community to participate. Provide a good meal, some games and activities for the couples or perhaps a renewing of vows.

  7. Friendship Day: Have a special friendship day during Sabbath worship. Have your members to invite their friends to come and invite church's friends who haven't been in church for a while. Preach about friendship and have a special lunch following the service to get to know the new friends.