Roundup Members Their Fishing

February 05, 2019 | Church | Norma Trent

In Montana, we know fishing: fly fishing, lure fishing, fishing from boats, fishing from shore. We enjoy fishing in rivers or in lakes. Fishing is part of our heritage in Big Sky Country, something for which we are famous. Why can't we be famous for another type of fishing?

Our prayer group in the Roundup (Mont.) Church is also learning about a different type of fishing, We are using the Discipleship Handbook from the Adventist Book Center published in 2018 by the Review and Herald. On page 55 we read, "If we have chosen to be His disciples, then we have chosen to become fishers of men."

Does this sound familiar? Mark 1:17 tells the story when Jesus spoke to Simon and Andrew and said, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

But how can we become fishers of men in this secular 21st century? The Discipleship Handbook takes you step by step on how to become a good disciple, using Scripture and thoughts from Ellen White to guide users. We don't have the advantage of Christ walking beside us as the first disciples did, but we do have their writings and the inspired pen of White to help us in our journey to become better Christians.

In Roundup, as well as in other areas in the world, we are faced with lack of interest in all things church related. As we wait for the Holy Spirit to work on people's hearts, we can work on making ourselves better able to share the good news of Jesus and His Grace with those around us.  

Come on in! The fish are biting!