Deaf Christian Women's Ministry Prepares for Retreat

February 28, 2019 | Women's Ministries | Bunola Hovey

In 2002, a group of deaf women decided to start a women’s retreat for deaf women in the Pacific Northwest. The deaf women are members of a completely different people group with their own rich language and culture.

In the past, deaf women attended the hearing women’s retreat and enjoyed the hotel, meals, and meeting hearing ladies. But, it was a challenge for them to focus on the speaker and interpreter.

Since starting the Deaf Women’s Retreat in 2002, they have been meeting at a different place every fall. There is an average of 20 women attending the Deaf Women’s Retreat and the deaf women who attend, come from as far as the east coast.

Raising funds for their retreat is challenging as they want every deaf woman who wants to be there to be able to attend. They collect newspaper to be recycled, turned in soda cans and water bottles, and held bazaars and garage sales — but it is never enough.

The Deaf Christian Women's Ministries committee would make and/or buy gifts for the ladies out of their own pockets. This year for the first time, they will be selling the shirts with their logo on them. They are hoping and praying that they will be able to earn enough money so they can pay the expense for a speaker from another state.

The deaf ladies come from all over and it is just like a family reunion as they are always happy, excited with smiles and lots of hugs. The last day of the retreat, is difficult because they had a weekend of spiritual fellowship with other deaf women and the bond is strong.

The Deaf Women’s Retreat will be held in Newberg this year in September and the ladies need a bus to take the women to the coast for the day. They do not have the funds to make this happen as it will be a stretch for them to afford a good speaker.

If you would like to help sponsor the upcoming Deaf Christian Women’s Retreat, you can send a tax deductible donation by making your check out to Tabernacle Adventist Church and mark it for Deaf Christian Women’s Ministries, 26 SW Condor Way, Portland, OR 97329.

This year’s retreat will be at Camp Tilikum, Newberg, Ore., Sept. 22–26, 2019. For more information, email Bunny Hovey or texting 541-905-0995 (text only please).