Beaverton Holds 'Youth Only' Worship

February 05, 2019 | Church | Cheryl Dondino

Thirteen youth, primarily from grades four through 12, provided piano or vocal selections to offer their talents and praises to God in the first “youth only” worship service at Beaverton (Ore.) Church to close the Sabbath the evening of Nov. 10, 2018. Other youth provided additional supporting roles as master of ceremonies, as well as hospitality greeters handing out programs.

Nearly 100 people attended this worship service in support of the young people in our church. Tears were shed and enthusiastic applause rang out as each performer offered up their worship to God in individual ways.

Our children and young adults are some of the church’s greatest treasures. Youth-led worship service is just one of the many initiatives the Beaverton Church is using to give opportunities to our young people as they seek to express their love of God and decisions made for Him in tangible ways.