Help Alaska Let it Shine

December 13, 2018 | Missions and Outreach

The Arctic Mission Adventure (AMA) ministry of the Alaska Conference is seeking to raise the final $25,000 of its annual $300,000 goal. And, the deadline is coming soon.

But there’s a unique twist to this challenge. And the bald truth involves conference leadership. If the AMA goal is reached by Dec. 31, Kevin Miller, president, Jim Jensen, treasurer, and Tobin Dodge, AMA director, will shave their heads in support of the ministry. That puts a special shine on a worthwhile project.

AMA is designed to bring tangible ministry to the arctic interior of Alaska. Expenses to cover this vast territory are far beyond what most members and church leaders in the continental U.S. experience. Gas, food and transportation costs quickly devour even the most optimistic budget.

Recently AMA sponsored a special event with Inuk singer/songwriter, Susan Aglukark. Her presentation, “Healed Enough,” shared how she has used the challenges in her life to heal from sexual abuse. This event was live-streamed through Alaska and beyond. This is one of the added ministry tools AMA is committed to provide in order to meet the needs of people within the arctic.

Predominantly, the funds raised through donations to AMA are used to keep churches and parsonages heated, supplied and operational. They also are necessary to help support volunteers who give their time to minister to arctic communities.

Northwest Adventists who wish to donate toward this special goal by Dec. 31, 2018, can find out more information about this “bald challenge” online at the Alaska Conference/Artic Mission Adventure.