Deaf Adventists Encouraged to Share Gospel

December 05, 2018 | Heidi Baumgartner

The lights flicker for attention. Conversation continues. Leaders motion for attention repeatedly. Forty people in the room finally settle down. Church begins with a familiar ebb and flow.

And yet something is significantly and powerfully different: There is no extra sound in the room beyond an interpreter keeping the hearing portion of the audience informed.

This is Big Deaf Day at Washington's Puyallup Church, the second such event of the year, which drew an audience from Washington, Oregon, Tennessee and parts of Canada.

If you've never joined a deaf worship service, it is worth experiencing. The worship experience is moving and meaningful — and you must pay close attention, from the joint signing of the opening hymn lyrics and heartfelt prayer requests to poetry about the holiness of heaven and an animated sermon by guest speaker Jeff Jordan who shared his “profoundly deaf” life story, identified how God intervened in his life and gave a specific challenge to the audience.

"The Great Commission says to spread the gospel to each culture and language," Jordan says. "Deaf work is growing through struggles and frustrations. We tend to focus on limitations, but God doesn't. Offer yourself to God. God can use you, your eyes and your hands to make a difference. God will open doors for you, and you need to be prepared to give glory to His name."

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