NAD-Wide University Student Leaders Respond to GC Compliance Document

November 15, 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following statement was jointly issued by the undersigned student leaders of Seventh-day Adventist universities, colleges and other associations throughout North America who attended the North American Division Year-End Meeting as representatives. It is their response to the document approved on Oct. 14, 2018, by the General Conference executive committee entitled: Regard For and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions​.

Brothers and Sisters,

As representatives of the youth and young adults within the North American Division (NAD), we are speaking from a place of deep care and love for our church. Recognizing Christ as the foundation of our faith in the Seventh-day Adventist church, we strive to mirror the Savior’s ministry of love on earth by exemplifying the living gospel that bridges barriers and provides hope to humanity.

On Oct. 14, 2018, a document was passed at the Annual Council. Since then, we bear witness to the pain, division and disappointment that the document has caused among our peers. It is disheartening to see our church in conflict, when it is meant to be a safe haven for all.

Despite the conflict, we affirm:

  • The mission and purpose of our church;
  • Christ’s desire for unity through diversity in our church;
  • The heartfelt desire to play an active role in our church;
  • The value of collaboration and mentorship from spiritual leaders in our church.

We long for opportunities to create intentional relationships with our church leadership and be actively involved, by facilitating conversations and making decisions about our church.

To the youth and young adults of the NAD: In the midst of uncertainty and confusion, hold fast to your faith, and do not be discouraged. We hear you, we see you, and we stand with you. We affirm your desire to further the work of the Lord. This is not the time to walk away from our  church, but a time in our history to speak out, to stand up, and to actively seek roles in restoring our local and global church.

Brothers and Sisters: We need you. Our church needs you.


Adventist Intercollegiate Association & Adventist Christian Fellowship

NAD Executive Committee Members

Ashton Hardin, La Sierra University Student Association president; 

Kenzie Hardy, Pacific Union College Student Association president; 

Bianca Ludvig Arao, Adventist Christian Fellowship representative

Sara Devaraj, Washington Adventist University Student Association president; 

Angenita Pierre-Louis, Union College Associated Student Body president; 

Denard Fenaud, Andrews University SGPS Student Association president; 

Dustin Baumbach, Loma Linda University Student Association president; 

Dylan Gibbons, Southern Adventist University Student Association executive vice president; 

Justin Thornton, Oakwood University United Student Movement president; 

Katie Folkenberg, Associated Students of Walla Walla University president

LJ Robinson, Andrews University Student Association president; 

Matthew Hanson, Southwestern Adventist University Student Association president; 

Tchiana Augustin, Burman University Student Association president; 

Rajesh Inparaj, Adventist Intercollegiate Association president