Longtime Alaska Homesteaders Are Still Pioneering

On a sunny Sabbath morning in May, Hal and Sherron Farrar ascended the steps of Northside Church in Anchorage, Alaska. Pastor Jim John was greeting outside and took special notice of the elderly couple. After introductions, Sherron responded, “We’ve been studying about the seventh-day Sabbath and have come to learn more.” 

Coming “to learn more” meant driving 100 miles from their 160-acre homestead across from the toe of the Matanuska Glacier on the Glenn Highway. Hal, 92, is a Navy veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam who saw combat in all three wars. Hal’s service to our country included being the “chief” enlisted officer in command of more than 4,000 sailors on an aircraft carrier. After retirement Hal filed a homestead claim in Glacier View, gave his heart to Jesus and became an Alaska missionary bush pilot for 34 years — helping establish Kingdom Air Corps, a nondenominational missionary bush pilot training ministry based in Glacier View.

Sherron grew up on the family homestead and became proficient at everything a pioneer woman needed to know to survive the harshness of Alaskan winters with no electricity or running water while caring for 160 sled dogs. At an early age she also learned that God was her source of strength and comfort in a difficult but adventurous life. Sherron became an accomplished paramedic and was chosen as the initial care medical director for President Ronald Reagan when the president and Pope John Paul II met in Fairbanks in 1984. 

With the same pioneering spirit and determination that carved out a homestead in the wilderness Hal and Sherron embarked on an amazing journey of discovering Bible truths about the Second Coming, the heavenly sanctuary, the Sabbath, soul sleep and the Spirit of Prophecy. 

At each step, Hal and Sherron’s greatest desire has been to follow Jesus and the Bible truths that so perfectly describe the true character of a loving, compassionate, merciful, forgiving and grace-filled God.  Hal and Sherron Farrar were baptized on Sabbath, Sept. 15, 2018, surrounded by the joy and warmth of the friendly members at Anchorage Northside Church. Please pray for Hal and Sherron as they begin sharing their newfound faith with their extensive network of friends and family.

November 05, 2018 / Alaska Conference