Biker Picnic

September 29, 2018 | Dick Duerksen

For each of the last 15 years, the King’s Riders of the Washington State Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) host a special meal in the park for other bikers. Like, for the Bandidos, the Hombres, the Eagles and other Rebels. Christian bikers, laying a spread for scores of biker families who have little or no exposure to anything Christian.

“Our life goals are completely different,” says Patrick Murph, CMA road captain. “We ride to share Jesus, and they ride to create mayhem. Not being much good at mayhem, God’s led us to share Jesus with these bikers through food. Each year we reserve some tables at the Everett City Park and invite 'em all in for a biker picnic.”

The park fills with Harley roars. When the music stops and the eating begins, you can hardly tell one group of well-leathered bikers from the others. Everyone is talking, telling biker tales, comparing exhaust systems and dreaming their next ride. God’s love over paper plates filled with a biker picnic.

“It’s amazing to see the faces of these guys when we tell stories about being led by God to take a specific road, to stop at the next rest stop, speed up or slow down — all at exactly the right moment. Each of our stories shows how Jesus cares about bikers so much that we know we can depend on His guidance. Most of the Bandidos have never even thought such thoughts,” says Pat.

Stay with him for a minute, and Pat shifts into storytelling mode.

“I was riding one day in Idaho, uncomfortably watching a large black cloud growing in the sky ahead. No shade or protection anywhere. That’s when God told me to turn into the rest area. There hadn’t been any ‘Rest Area’ warning signs, but sure enough, right there was a turnoff for a huge rest area with lots of room for me to park under shelter.”

Pat gives you a minute to imagine the situation, to feel the cool blow of thunderstorm air and wonder how the rest area showed up right then.

“I parked,” Pat says, “threw a rain-cover over my black leather T-bag and huddled down in the shelter as the storm dumped. And I mean dumped!!!! Sure is nice to know God cares.”

Stories flow around the banquet, as riders and families share together. Before the riders leave, Pat asks for their attention.

“If you would like to have your bike blessed today, just stand by your bike, and one of our riders will come by and offer a blessing for you and your steed.”

They stayed and stood. Bandidos, Hombres, Eagles and the others, standing tall by their bikes, awaiting a personalized blessing from one of God’s Warriors.

They came. CMA riders, the King’s Riders, members of the Seven Warriors team, each armed with “I Was Blessed in '18” stickers for rebel windshields and prepared to give a blessing link between riders and God.

“You ought to join us next year,” Pat invited. “Bless a Rebel, and be blessed!”