Spring Cleanup in Roundup

August 23, 2018 | Norma Trent

Montana is a beautiful state. For a few hours on June 8, 2018, the Roundup Church in Montana took a small step in making it just a little better. Fourteen church members gathered to clean a portion of the road south of town. We were able to eliminate many trash bags of refuse, including bottles, cans, papers and even the skeletal remains of a long-dead animal. 

After the cleanup, the members gathered at the nearby Harris farm for a potluck lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying fellowship while checking out the birds that gather at the many bird feeders on the farm.

By partnering with the Montana state road department, we are blessed to clean just a small part of God's creation. The road sign announcing our participation in the Adopt a Highway program is seen by anyone traveling to or from Roundup on the way to Billings or Lewistown. Just think of the people your church may be able to impact by volunteering just a few hours each year.