Roundup Church Spreads God's Vision

August 23, 2018 | Norma Trent

On May 24, 2018, the Roundup (Mont.) Church sponsored a Better Vision Better Hope free mobile vision clinic. This was a vision of the church ever since the Montana Camp Meeting in 2017. The event was spearheaded by Kay Dickerson and Deanna Harris.

The Better Vision Better Hope foundation provided free clinical services while the Roundup Church added 12 more volunteer church members. The professional staff was led by Andrea Schellenberg. Chris Barr, Montana Conference health ministries director, was also on hand to help with any spiritual needs.

The spirit of the Lord was felt by all attendance, patients and volunteers alike. It was a joy to help people "see" their way to better sight and, in turn, a joy to the patients to receive expert eye care for no cost. One gentleman stated he had not had his eyes checked in more than 30 years. What an honor to be of service to him and all the others.

As a church, we hope we can help all of the attendees who requested Bible studies and other seminars. We also look forward to hosting another Better Vision Better Hope clinic in the future.