Ten Times Wise in Clarkston

Are you wise? Some of us can be wise in our own eyes, but Ten Times Wiser was a program that taught us to be wise in our health. John and Lisa Quade, the authors of Ten Times Wiser, came to Clarkston, Wash., to help set up and teach members how to run this health expo.

Twenty children came from the Lewis and Clark Valley to learn about wisdom when it comes to our health. Kids visited 10 stations that brought out important guidelines to follow if we want to be healthy. Each child received a passport and gave information on their current health habits. Current health habits were then entered into a software program created by John Quade that allowed Matthew Vixie, Clarkston Church pastor, to visit with each child about their health and what they could do to improve it.

The Clarkston Church is excited about the opportunities to reach out to community kids and plans on running another Vacation Bible School in the summer and a healthy cooking program for children in the fall.