Seven Join Grants Pass Through Baptism

June 05, 2018 | Jennifer Burkes

Following several weeks of Prophecy Unsealed seminars, the Grants Pass (Ore.) Church in welcomed seven new members on March 24, 2018. Through baptism, these seven became part of the body of Christ. Each addition is a blessing and adds to the fullness of this body.

Ed Della Paolera was rebaptized because of a new and improved walk with Jesus. Charlsie Trotter, following a “Seventh-day Adventist diet,” lost 120 pounds.

A quadriplegic neighbor brought the gospel to George Bellamy, a Vietnam veteran. Lance Schmidt, abandoning his belief in the “Left Behind” prophecy, now has Jesus “first, last and best.” Allen Foster, actively involved with the church’s youth group, found his way back to Jesus.

Michael Blurton, who is involved with the Adventist church and school, “returned to the fold.” Natalia Blurton, Michael’s daughter, joined him in baptism.

Over the weeks, evangelist Brian McMahon unpacked the many prophetic symbols of the Bible. His purpose is to share Jesus and help others to learn more about the Bible. McMahon’s clear and informative seminars helped cement baptismal candidates’ commitment to Jesus. Those making their stand for Jesus were already, as Charles Byrd, Grants Pass pastor, described, “striving after Jesus.” Attending the seminars helped to deepen those relationships.

Before proceeding with the baptisms, Byrd shared a message, “Baptized Into What?”

“We are baptized into the entire Godhead,” said Byrd, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” He also explained baptism is not simply “dunking.” After all, said Byrd, “Dunking doesn’t save. There must be an attachment, mind and heart, to Jesus Christ.”

Following the baptisms, McMahon shared discussed moments in life that could be called “ringing-the-bell” moments. For many, the day man walked on the moon is one of these moments. Being baptized into Jesus should be a “ringing-the-bell” moment. Said McMahon, “It’s all-too infrequent that we stand in awe of anything anymore.”

He urged those just baptized, as well as everyone listening, to never lose their sense of wonder in their faith. “Make a choice to enjoy your faith,” he told them.