Why Milo?

Kaitlin Walters, a Milo Academy freshman, writes:

Before I came to Milo, I was depressed and I really just felt unfulfilled. My grades were bad, and my spiritual life was nonexistent. I felt useless, and it seemed I didn't have a purpose in this world. 

Since coming to Milo, I feel much more full of life, and I have grown physically, mentally, academically and spiritually. I am no longer depressed, and I am learning new things every day and how to deal with my feelings, time and grades more effectively. 

Many things at Milo have helped me along my path, but what helped me the most is definitely the family of staff here to support me and help me along my way. I also have a wonderful handful of super-amazing friends to walk this rocky road with me. Honestly it is more than I could've ever asked for from a boarding school in the middle of nowhere. Milo offers a secure environment ... while all at once challenging you and keeping you on your toes. Milo is the perfect environment to get to know yourself more and to grow closer to God.​

Xavier Alarid, a Milo Academy junior, writes:

Before I came to Milo, my relationship with God was struggling because I disagreed with things that I was taught to believe. But since I came to Milo, I have been able to look deeper into these subjects. And thanks to help from my mentors and friends I have been able to strengthen my relationship with God.

My teachers have actually helped me with my discovering Christ, while giving me a good education. And our pastor and student chaplains have been there for me so many times when I needed guidance. ​

Noahnna Fullmer, a Milo Academy senior, writes:

Before I came to Milo I was a shy, timid girl. I loved to sing, but I never had the confidence to sing in front of people. I was arrogant, and I had no idea what true friends were like. The place itself has not changed me, but the people that were there did. Doc Carter, the music director my freshman year, helped give me the confidence to sing. Pastor Chad helped show me what God was really like and that God has a real and evident impact on our lives. But God has worked on me the most; He was there through all my struggles, and He has helped me grow and become more like the person He made me to be. Milo is nice because it is away from the distractions that are in the regular world; it gave me time to focus on what really mattered, like the people.​​

Carlos Lopez, a Milo Academy senior, writes:

My life before Milo was a sanctuary, what we Christians known as the comfort zone. I had being enrolled in the public school systems for my whole life. I’ve always been a Seventh-day Adventist. However, with the many problems the enemy started throwing at my family I started doubting the kind of loving God that was introduced to me — doubting to the point where when I started high school I wanted nothing with God. I believed in my heart that I could do anything I wanted without God’s help. I got involved in numerous programs in my school, both in sports and in student matters such as the school and class congress. Before I knew it I was earning fame. For some reason God allowed me to make it into varsity cross-country. This boosted my fame and pride [and] definitely led to God intervening and putting a stop to all that I had built up. God hit me in the spot where it was most comfortable: sports. I still had my involvement in the student congress, but I felt that the God that I wanted to stop believing in was all of sudden planning something else for me. Is. 55:8 says that my thoughts are not His and that my plans are not even close to want He has planned for me. Jer. 29:11 indicates that God has everything in control and that He does not have harm for me but a hope and a future. This was around the time when the opportunity for me to attend Milo Adventist Academy was presented. All of a sudden the God I wanted no business with was indicating and providing through the means of generous donors for me to attend Milo. Well to get to the point, I lost against God. By losing I mean that I gave up everything I had accomplished in the first two months I had been enrolled in public schools. I had a new vision, and God was being generous. 

When first arriving to Milo, it was very different from the atmosphere I was used to. I went from a 1,500 student body school to only 80 back in the year 2014. Milo was different; people accepted you just the way you are. Milo still remains this loving and accepting atmosphere ... . Where I came from you were always judged by how popular, good-looking or smart you were. I can’t lie: Milo was hard to adjust [to]. I wasn’t ready for the kind of high-standard education Milo offered. Life as a Christian is not easy. There will always be trials. However, now I had the assurance that God was with me and that I was here for a purpose. Well, God’s promises never delay, in the year 2016 I got hired as an RA, and I got involved with SA. This was a faith test. With leadership positions I felt overwhelmed. I realized how much I needed God in my life. I finally recognized that by myself everything is impossible for me to accomplish, but with God all things are possible (Matt.19:26). I’m a senior now, getting ready to move to Walla Walla University. Looking back I realized that I was never alone. I always thought that God had abandoned me, but I was the one running away from Him. I thank God for this opportunity and the four unforgettable years at Milo. I also thank the generous donors who gave me and others the chance to attend Milo. Looking back at how I was doing in public school, I bet I would have parted from God. 

My name is Carlos Lopez, a senior at Milo Adventist Academy. Now I have a new purpose: I live my life to glorify God.​

May 14, 2018 / Oregon Conference