God's Oil Still Flows in La Paz

It was just a small bottle of oil. Maybe a couple of ounces and not as much as the widow had. But it was enough. It was all they needed.

Land had been secured in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, and plans were underway to construct a Center of Influence in this little neighborhood called Santa Fe that needed to be reached for God. It would be a community center where free physician consults, dental exams, dietary advice, clothing distribution and much more could be shared with neighbors. There would be classes and fellowship, and, finally, there would be worship.

So on this Sabbath afternoon three years ago, spirits ran high when the small group of Adventist worshippers gathered in the spot where one day they hoped to worship God in their own church. Each family brought a stone to place on a little altar they would build. Soon songs were sung, Scriptures read and promises claimed around that altar.

And then ... then the little bottle of oil came out of its hiding place in the pocket of the elder’s shirt. It wasn’t much, but they remembered the oil from the widow that multiplied so many times. Did they dare to hope their symbolic oil would multiply many times?

They didn’t just hope. They knew. They had faith. God would bless their efforts and the oil would multiply. They were sure.

And so they prayed. As the elder prayed, he poured some oil on that little altar. A little oil remained in his small jar, and he passed it to the next person. Oil flowed out of that little jar from the next and the next person until the rocks were wet with oil. Certainly there couldn’t be any oil left!

But it still flowed. A miracle it seemed. And when the bottle had been passed to each person in the group and they had poured their oil, still a little oil remained. It was God’s oil, God’s miracle and God’s promise.

What would happen next? How would a few believers build a community center and a church? How could that happen? Not likely, not unless you remember the oil that multiplied over and over. They saved. They bought cement and blocks, dug holes and prepared. But it wasn’t enough, not even for foundations.

Then the call came to the Mission Adventure group based out of the Moses Lake (Wash.) Church. There was a need in Macedonia ... Macedonia in Mexico. The group was quick to respond and last year went to lay foundations for that community center. Gradually the walls went up, and finally a roof was poured. The oil kept flowing, and the hermanos did all they could.

And then another call: Would we help again? We didn’t have much but offered to share with the hermanos who had been saving to buy more supplies. Soon the mission added their part and the oil once again multiplied. This time there were floors and doors and windows. 

Feb. 1, 2018, saw our group arrive once more in La Paz, taking our small jar of oil to watch it multiply. This time it was for the church building on the very spot where the little altar, the little oil and sincere prayers had dedicated this land to the Lord.

We worked hard. Second Hope Vision Ministries from Milton Freewater, Ore., distributed more than 600 free pairs of used glasses. Mission Adventure Santa Fe (N.M.) group assembled and delivered 97 neighborhood bags and held two five-day sessions of Vacation Bible School. We painted the community center inside and held a six-day cental clinic. Toilets were installed and floors were poured, and 2,000 blocks were purchased.

Then the team bought 9.5 tons of cement, sand and gravel to lay foundations and build the walls for the new church. The oil kept flowing, and the walls went up. Miracles happened and lives were changed: lives in our group and lives in Santa Fe. New Bible studies have been started. The oil keeps flowing.

And then on that same spot where the oil had poured so freely, God’s grace poured out again as we witnessed two baptisms in a little pool set up right where God’s altar had stood — amazing grace!

Now the hermanos keep praying for their little jar of oil to continue its multiplication. They’ll need a roof, floor, windows and doors, but God’s oil never runs out as long as it is needed. Just ask the hermanos; they will tell you. There’s still oil in the jar!