April 26, 2018

The King's Speech

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alden Thompson, for this intelligent, researched article on Bible translations. I have read several books on how the Bible was translated, and what you said here lines up with these books. Having worked in a couple of ABCs [Adventist Book Centers] for 10 years, I have run into several people who are "KJV-only" people. I've even heard some go so far as to say all the other translations (other than the KJV) are from the devil! The part about the "missing" words actually being added in the KJV is absolutely correct. The first time I encountered this theory, a man gave me a sheet of paper listing all of the texts with so-called "missing" words. I went home and looked up each one in my NIV and found them to all be there, placed in the footnotes along with reason why they were footnoted. So people making that claim haven't really done their due diligence in learning the truth. Thanks again for this long-needed article!

Alice Ray, transplanted Oregonian now in Arizona


Thank you to Seth Pierce for his November 2017 article on our susceptibility as Adventist Christians to conspiracies and speculative ideas, especially regarding the end of time. The article was so well-written and needed. It would be good to hear more reminders on this in the future ... that instead of focusing on the evil around us to keep our eyes on Jesus until He comes.

Muriel Zaugg, McMinnville, Ore.