News for 2017

Kamiah Members Get GLOWing

December 23, 2017 / Cathy Law

When Mission 365 extended the GLOW Northwest challenge for mission-minded members to distribute a million GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) tracts across the Northwest in a 10-day period (Oct. 22–31, 2017), the Kamiah (Idaho) Church accepted the challenge.

On Sabbath, Oct. 28, 11 members gathered to plan and pray before spreading through several neighborhoods to give away 100 GLOW tracts. Tucked inside each tract was a personal invitation to come to church for a Bible study on the book of Romans. After an hour the teams began returning with experiences.

UCA Hosts TechnicArts Fair

December 22, 2017 / Julie Hagele

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) hosted approximately 250 students from Adventist elementary and junior academies for a TechnicArts Fair on Oct. 26, 2017. The fair presented guest and staff providing hands-on learning labs in 3-D printing, acrylic painting, computer-aided design (CAD), card-making, Christmas ornaments, computer building, cooking, graphic design, gymnastics, knitting, photography, simple machines, soap-making, stained glass, videography and welding.

Post Falls Holds Healthful Cooking Class

December 20, 2017 / Jeanne Barrett-Usher

After a health class held earlier in the year, Post Falls (Idaho) Church held a cooking class during the fall of 2017 for those in the community who were interested in a plant-based diet. In fact, in nearby Hayden, Idaho, a friendly group was established and shared plant-based food and recipes in weekly potlucks.

Health coordinators Alison and Jay Cover were dedicated in educating the public about the value of eating healthily and showed the 15 people attending ways to cook and substitute other items for dairy or animal products.

Post Falls Celebrates Vets With Quilts

December 18, 2017 / Jeanne Barrett-Usher

It began as a dream for Bethanne Moseanko, with the idea of celebrating the service of veteran Charles Smith (now in his 90s), who was at Fort Ord during the last days of World War II. Smith came out of that military experience and studied medicine and has been practicing for years in the Northwest.

South District Values Adventurers

December 17, 2017 / Anita Lebold

What would you think if you saw a large group of children and parents flying kites, riding bikes and having a great time in the park on a beautiful fall day? If you guessed “it must be Adventurer Awards Day,” you are correct.

God provided a beautiful day with sunshine, no rain and very little wind for the Upper Columbia Conference South District Adventurers Awards Day on Oct. 22, 2017. Staff, club members and parents came together in Richland, Wash., for the event, hosted by the Richland Orcas.

College Place Village Church Celebrates 125th Anniversary

December 17, 2017 / Donna Casebolt

College Place (Wash.) Village Church members and friends spent Oct. 13 and 14, 2017, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the church's founding. On the church podium furnishings of the era reproduced as authentically as possible the Ragsdale parlor of 1892, where the first members met.

Pastoral staff in traditional dress led the worship hour with a congregation considerably larger than the 36-member group established by R.S. Donnell in early summer of 1892.

Prison Ministry Volunteers Witness Miracle

December 14, 2017 / Don Blue

Thursday evening began like any other for the Adventist prison ministry volunteers at Walla Walla State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Wash. We quickly began our regular routine. I opened the two lockers assigned to us, then we set up tables, chairs, piano and hymnals. Finally, we gathered together for a time of prayer asking for God's presence and leading during our meeting.

Youth Learn They're One of a Kind

December 12, 2017 / Charles Lamica

“God made each of us unique!” That was the message given to five youth during the first Sabbath in November at the Orient Adventist Fellowship Company in northeast Washington. Retired Alaska state trooper Charles Lamica explained to his students that “God made each of us in His image, and yet He also made each of us different from anyone else.”