News for December 2017

Un Cuidado Especial de Dios Para Sus Hijos en Alaska

December 15, 2017

Como ustedes se habrán dado cuenta en ediciones pasadas, les estuvimos compartiendo las ricas bendiciones que hemos estado teniendo aquí en Alaska, mediante las campañas evangelistas que se realizaron en Marzo 2016 con el Pastor Luis Mota donde 12 almas se bautizaron, seguidas por las 15 bautismos por la visita del Pr. Inmer Zorilla; y este año 4 bautismos por el Pastor Don West. ¡Es por eso que nos encontramos alabando el nombre de Dios por las obras de su Espíritu aquí en Alaska!

Prison Ministry Volunteers Witness Miracle

December 14, 2017 / Don Blue

Thursday evening began like any other for the Adventist prison ministry volunteers at Walla Walla State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Wash. We quickly began our regular routine. I opened the two lockers assigned to us, then we set up tables, chairs, piano and hymnals. Finally, we gathered together for a time of prayer asking for God's presence and leading during our meeting.

AMEN Tacoma Meets Community Medical Needs

December 14, 2017 / Heidi Baumgartner

Melody was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in July. She had had cancer previously, it had gone into remission, and then it came back. She started a treatment plan first with radiation and then with plans for chemotherapy.

She went to visit her oncologist, who ended up not being willing to sign off on Melody’s chemo treatment because she had an infected tooth. She told her medical provider she didn’t have dental insurance and couldn’t afford treatment out of pocket.

Sharon Church Welcomes New Pastoral Family

December 13, 2017 / Denise Williams

Members, friends and families of the Sharon Church in Portland, Ore., welcomed their new pastor, Garth Dottin, and his family — Melainie, Brooke and Levi — to the great Pacific Northwest and into their new church family on Oct. 21, 2017. It was a day of thanksgiving, praise, prayer and love as the pastor and his family were presented with kind words, love and gifts.

Dottin and family moved to the Sharon Church family from Ontario, Canada, where they were members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Church.

Meridian Church Prioritizes Acts of Kindness

December 13, 2017 / Sandra Blackmer

Community service has long been a priority of the Meridian (Idaho) Church, but to encourage members to initiate more projects, church pastor Michael Pearson said, “Let’s do acts of kindness.”

When Pearson offered to allocate $100 from a special church evangelistic fund for each act of kindness project undertaken, ideas began circulating.

Some members organized a Diabetes Undone clinic hosted at the church in September.

Singing Inspires Anchorage Community

December 12, 2017 / Alice Moncher

The sweet sound of gospel music was heard at the Alaska Native Medical Center in October 2016 and will continue as long as God’s dedicated people are there each Sabbath afternoon. That's thanks to the music ministry of the Northside Church of Anchorage, Alaska.

Youth Learn They're One of a Kind

December 12, 2017 / Charles Lamica

“God made each of us unique!” That was the message given to five youth during the first Sabbath in November at the Orient Adventist Fellowship Company in northeast Washington. Retired Alaska state trooper Charles Lamica explained to his students that “God made each of us in His image, and yet He also made each of us different from anyone else.”