Prison Ministry Volunteers Witness Miracle

December 14, 2017 | Don Blue

Thursday evening began like any other for the Adventist prison ministry volunteers at Walla Walla State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Wash. We quickly began our regular routine. I opened the two lockers assigned to us, then we set up tables, chairs, piano and hymnals. Finally, we gathered together for a time of prayer asking for God's presence and leading during our meeting.

We warmly greeted each of the men as they entered the chapel. One of the men, Jo Jo, had been recently baptized and was waiting to receive his baptismal certificate. Jo Jo was scheduled to be transported to another prison on the west side of the mountains in a few days and badly wanted his certificate before he left. After the volunteers and men were seated, Jo Jo asked Dan Preas if he had the certificate. Preas' response was, “I apologize [Jo Jo], but I think I know where it is, and I will look for it at home.” Jo Jo was disappointed.

A noise coming from the locker suddenly captured our attention. A second or two later a folded piece of paper flew out of the locker and drifted to the floor. Jo Jo walked over and picked it up. You guessed it. It was his baptismal certificate. We were amazed and astonished.

Then, one of the volunteers, Ed Hatcher, remembered putting the certificate in the locker under a couple of Bibles a week or two earlier to save it for Jo Jo. An angel must have pushed the certificate out of the locker from under these Bibles. This miracle left a marked impression on volunteers and inmates alike.

As always God's wisdom and timing are perfect.