Post Falls Holds Healthful Cooking Class

December 20, 2017 | Jeanne Barrett-Usher

After a health class held earlier in the year, Post Falls (Idaho) Church held a cooking class during the fall of 2017 for those in the community who were interested in a plant-based diet. In fact, in nearby Hayden, Idaho, a friendly group was established and shared plant-based food and recipes in weekly potlucks.

Health coordinators Alison and Jay Cover were dedicated in educating the public about the value of eating healthily and showed the 15 people attending ways to cook and substitute other items for dairy or animal products.

To top off the monthlong series, a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal was served well ahead of the holiday, using plant products alone and offering gluten-free options. The food was delicious, and the 38 people (a combination of church members and the class participants) got ideas for making a traditional holiday meal with heart-healthy foods.

Alison had two dedicated kitchen assistants in Candi Shafer and BethAnne Moseanko — and the meal was planned and prepared well. The people sat in rapt attention as the smells of the meal wafted toward them, and it was a joy to try healthy alternatives to Thanksgiving. All left fully satisfied.