Post Falls Celebrates Vets With Quilts

December 18, 2017 | Jeanne Barrett-Usher

It began as a dream for Bethanne Moseanko, with the idea of celebrating the service of veteran Charles Smith (now in his 90s), who was at Fort Ord during the last days of World War II. Smith came out of that military experience and studied medicine and has been practicing for years in the Northwest.

In reviewing how many additional veterans we had in the Post Falls (Idaho) Church congregation, we discovered a lot. Members well-versed in quilt-making taught those of us who had not done any quilting. By meeting every Thursday night, we were able to piece together over 10 quilts in less than three months’ time. 

In October we gave a quilt to our first veteran (from Desert Shield), Tara Gonzales, well before Veterans Day because she was required to be on duty elsewhere for a couple of months. And on Nov. 18, 2017, the Post Falls Quilts of Valor Chapter gifted quilts to veterans Robert Pielaet, Jerry Usher, Darrell Winslow, Leroy Kronvall, Charles Smith and Brad Fanning. Service times for these soldiers and airmen ranged from two to 20 years, for Air Force and Army personnel, in duty stations like Germany, Iraq, Greenland, Korea, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam and even one with the famed White Coats. Two more quilts are slated to be given to Zane Hall and Alvin Bartholomew, who were unable to attend the ceremony.

As their Quilts of Valor draped over their shoulders, most of these heroes teared up to be given recognition for their selfless service.

The people who worked hard at this project of love included Bethanne Moseanko, Candi Shafer, Linda Stolley, Patricia Pielaet, Jeanne Barrett-Usher, Anita Kronvall, Inga Miller and Lara Georgescu. It was a lot of work but a pleasure to work toward the goal of awarding the Quilts of Valor to our local wartime and peacetime heroes in the armed forces.