Mount Ellis Students Join Yellowstone Expedition

December 21, 2017 | Michelle Wachter

The Mount Ellis Elementary (Bozeman, Mont.) junior high class spent an educational and fun-filled week in Yellowstone National Park through the federally funded program Yellowstone Expedition. Open to all U.S. schools, several schools are chosen to participate each year through a lottery system.

Teacher Michelle Wachter had applied for a spot in the program for four years without being chosen. Finally a few spots opened in September, so the Mount Ellis kids were able to go in October.

The expedition began on a Monday afternoon with a hike to familiarize the students with some of the Yellowstone terrain. Each day of the week was dedicated to outdoor activities about the various parts of Yellowstone. “The History of Yellowstone” was discussed and explored on Tuesday, followed the next day with “The Geology of Yellowstone.” The students' favorite day was “The Ecology of Yellowstone.” The days were filled with some classroom education, scavenger hunts around the old military buildings, tracking a coyote and sampling the temperature/pH levels of several geysers.

The students and chaperones who have lived so close to Yellowstone for years were thrilled to experience so many new things about the park "in Bozeman’s backyard.” This week was an experience the students of Mount Ellis Elementary will remember forever with amazing facts about Yellowstone National park and wonderful memories.