Cedar Creek Church Welcomes New Members

December 20, 2017 | Marty Jackson

Nov. 11, 2017, was a high day for the Cedar Creek Church in Woodland, Wash., as we had the joy of baptizing four new members into the church family: Brian and Donna Miner and Pat and Lon Tweed.

Both Brian and Lon were members of the Adventist Church years ago but drifted away from God and His church. Each of them had children and eventually got remarried.

Donna is from a Baptist background, and Pat is from a Lutheran background. But over the last couple of years all of them felt a need to get closer to God and back to church. They ended up connecting with the Cedar Creek Church. Brian's mother, Marcia Plotner, is also a member of the Cedar Creek Church. As they have been attending church and taking Bible studies, they have been getting involved in church life and already have felt like part of the family at Cedar Creek. We praise God for the way He leads families back to church.