AAA Reaches Community Through Music

December 18, 2017 | Amber Pettey-Torres

Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) music teachers have expanded their programs and are taking them into the surrounding community. The department is led by Melia Williams, choral and drama director, and Trenton Russell, instrumental music director. Both have years of experience and have dedicated their lives to their area of expertise.

An exciting opportunity came when Sylvan, the select choir, had the opportunity to sing with the Auburn Symphony. The symphony accompanied Sylvan for one number, then for three songs they sang with the chorale. “I think it's more than a big thing. It's an honor that they asked us to come sing with them," Williams says. "We’re really glad to be a part of something in our community.” Each year they make a point of also performing for many constituent churches.

This past year, the AAA jazz band performed for the Skyline Retirement Community in Seattle, Wash. Skyline is right next to Harborview Medical Center. “When [my son] Noah had his stroke, he was taken to Harborview, and within two to three hours of his arrival there, through a friend’s connection we were given a room to stay at Skyline Retirement Community," says Russell. "Through Skyline we were able to stay at the furnished apartment owned by a parent company.” Russell takes the jazz band to Skyline at least every other year to show his gratitude to them for their support and generosity.

The music programs have been blessed by being involved in the community surrounding Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Wash.