Byrd Called to Serve in Southern Oregon

November 23, 2017 | Jennifer Burkes

Charles Byrd recently answered the call to pastor Oregon's Grants Pass and Cave Junction churches. When asked how he and his wife, Karen, were led to southern Oregon, the response was direct: “I want to be where the Lord leads.” In ministry, Byrd hopes others will seek a connection to Jesus. He wants everyone to desire to share the gospel.

Byrd has served the denomination since 1984 as an academy dean, teacher, pastor, missionary and evangelist. He pastored churches in Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin, as well as in Saipan. He was also host of a daily call-in show on LifeTalk Radio.

The Byrds have three sons, all raised in the Northwest. Their oldest son has called Oregon "home" for the last six years.

Before moving from Tennessee to Oregon, the Byrds pioneered QuestLine Productions. With QuestLine, the Byrds developed the multimedia Thunder in the Holy Land series. Filming this premier Bible study series required the Byrds to live in the Middle East for several months. Thunder in the Holy Land now has more than 6,000 sets in circulation. It is being used all around the world to lift up the teachings of Jesus. QuestLine Productions is still an active ministry, with Karen Byrd as its new president.

Charles Byrd appreciates the “nice people and hometown feel” of Grants Pass. What would he say to anyone visiting the Grants Pass or Cave Junction churches? "I'm in town, looking for the honest people. I’m looking for the people who really want to know God, experience Him," he says. Through Jesus, all can experience victories when there have only been failures.

 "My job as a pastor is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable," he says. Since his arrival near the end of August, he has worked to achieve this very thing. This began by gauging the expectations of those around him. It also continued by communicating his expectations.

Entering a new community, Byrd knew there would be expectations. In the days and weeks following the Byrds’ arrival in Grants Pass, these were carefully considered. What is expected from those who hear Byrd's message? He wants everyone to “be in the Word.” That is the key to having a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.