Spanish Churches Hold Great Weekend for Greater Future

October 02, 2017 | Daniel Rodriguez

On the weekend of Aug. 18–19, 2017, the youth of the Idaho Conference Spanish churches participated in an event just for them: Youth Impact: Called to Be the Sermon.

This time the event was divided in two parts: one for the Treasure Valley Spanish District and one for the Southeastern Idaho Spanish District. 

The event in the Treasure Valley took place at the gym of the Boise Valley Adventist School on Friday evening. Young people from Caldwell, Nampa and Boise churches joined together to learn how to work better for the Lord. The congregations in Caldwell and Boise are relatively new, having been organized as companies in 2015 and 2017, respectively. A family from Tacoma, Wash., also joined us.

On Sabbath, the youth in the Southeastern Spanish District gathered in Jerome to participate in the same event. Youth and their adult sponsors representing the Idaho Falls Spanish and Jerome Spanish churches enthusiastically participated, wearing the event’s T-shirts. In both events, Jose Vargas, pastor, and Daniel Rodriguez, lay pastor, were the instructors. They had the responsibility to share with the youth what they can do to reach others with the gospel. The combined membership of the two companies in Idaho Falls and Jerome is 77. Youth of all ages participated. Of the 19 present, two-thirds were youth.

After the seminars, the newly trained youth were challenged to organized their own youth evangelistic meetings to take place this year. The enthusiastic youth planned a total of five series of meetings for the glory of the Lord — one in each church represented. Both groups were given educational tools, which included a CD with all the sermons, fliers and music ready to be used during that special week of evangelism.

They also received hard copies of the sermons, to make it easier for everyone who would like to take the challenge to preach in that event. At the end of the programs in each area the participants enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by church members.

We thank the Almighty for letting us organize and present this training program. Every year, Hispanic ministries has an evangelism goal of presenting two to three evangelistic series per church and company, including a baptism goal. For the past few years, baptisms in the Hispanic churches, companies and groups have exceeded their goal. We are thankful for Idaho Conference's support as well for the support shown by the leaders of each church.

The challenge is here. Now these youth need our prayers to back them up on it so they can fulfill the mission given by our Lord.