Montana Youth Rush 2017

October 03, 2017

The canvassing work is a seed-planting ministry. Most of the time, we don’t see much results from the work we have done. But since this is the third consecutive year Montana Youth Rush has been working in the conference, we had the privilege of seeing some of the results of this door-to-door ministry work of past summers.

Junior Ola showed a lady the book Peace Above the Storm. The lady said she had bought something like this before. Ola thought that she was just saying this as an excuse to get him to leave, so he asked her to show him what she had bought. She went into her home, grabbed the book Man of Peace (Desire of Ages) and showed it to him.

She went on to say she had been an atheist before she bought the book. But by reading the book and learning the lessons and teachings of Jesus she became a Christian. She told him she had read the book five times and showed him how she had underlined in the book and how she loved the cross references to the Bible. 

We had many other experiences where people in the communities (non-Adventist) would mention that they love seeing us come by year after year with the books. They would end up getting more books and giving big extra donations because they saw the value in the books and in the work we do. One person said they had passed their books around to friends and family.

Pray for the people who received the books this summer, that they might read and be prepared for the soon coming of Jesus.