August 04, 2017

Veteran Worker Responds

I thought that the [June] issue of the Gleaner was outstanding. It seemed to cover the full range of church activities across the union and on to the world field. The story of Lucy in an article on relationships was far beyond touching. The columnists were excellent as always, especially Martin Weber's article on the full acceptance of grace, which is sometimes hard even for the committed Christian. I helped start Marty in the ministry nearly 45 years ago in the hills of West Virginia. The editorial was excellent. Word usage and phrasing was elite and showed a lot of hard work. The topic was realistic showing the "slowness but sureness" of a democratic church. Coinciding with the Adventist World feature of shades of the former rain in Romania and It Is Written Impressions report from Moldova, it brought a certain glow of happiness to a veteran worker to still be able to witness it all!

Richard Fearing, Mount Vernon, Wash.


Write for Dummies

[Regarding Just Like Jesus, May 2017] I hope you will ... produce the Salvation for Dummies book. We need to be reminded about that caring God in heaven who wants us with Him in the worst way. Yet,  He waits patiently so that more will learn and accept His grace. Let me know when you get this book published!

Mary Rockwell, Coupeville, Wash.


Which Page?

[Regarding Just Like Jesus, April 2017] There are so many great stories in the Bible both Old and New Testaments. Giving Eduardo a book would be easier but a page? After reading your article, I got to thinking if I knew nothing about God and Jesus, what would I need to know about them first? My answer is not anything about the "28" church doctrines but how much they loved us and wanted to be with us. So I chose John 17. In my Bible it is almost all on one page, front and back. Here is a Man who doesn't know me personally but wants me to be with Him forever! ... This is a Man I want to know more about!

Sue Hunter, Salem, Ore.