Camp Meeting Sees Video Miracle

August 16, 2017 | Ryan McCoy

Just before the final meeting of camp meeting with Alex Rodriguez from Voice of Prophecy, Ryan McCoy and the video support team began to go through routine video equipment checks. When McCoy didn't see the normal feed show up on his screen from the platform presentation-capture equipment, he reported the problem to Brian Yarbrough, an audiovisual team member, and he and Rodriguez began troubleshooting. 

The video equipment was supposed to capture the speaker’s laptop presentation for display on the large screens up front and for video recordings and the livestream broadcast. There wasn’t much time remaining, and the equipment had worked normally all week. After all the cables and connections tested as good, the video team switched out the equipment with a spare. McCoy even took a laptop up to the front during the announcements to verify the problem. The signal just absolutely refused to go through.

With the video team running out of time to resolve the issue, they realized they might have to bypass the whole system and connect the laptop directly to one of the projectors. This last-ditch plan would, however, effectively disable the presentation from being seen at a number of other locations as well as the livestream. 

As Rodriguez stepped up to the platform and connected his laptop, the video team waited nervously in the back for what seemed like the inevitable technical difficulties. He connected his power, sound and then video connector.

Nothing came up on the screens, and the seconds ticked by.

As the team began to scramble on their backup plan, the signal suddenly and inexplicably came up on the screens — a good 10 seconds after Rodriguez had made the laptop connections.

The video team looked at each other, relieved and amazed. Even with their years of experience, their troubleshooting had not fixed the problem. There was no logical explanation for what had just happened.

The final meeting went on with no further problems. Everyone locally and on the livestream witnessed a miracle — a miracle everyone saw but no one (except the video team) noticed.