'Journey to the Cross' Changes Lives

July 16, 2017 | Mindi Vetter

This past April marked the 10th year for the Spokane Valley Adventist Church’s production of Journey to the Cross — an amazing walk-through experience portraying Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

With a cast of more than 250 people from multiple denominations joining together to tell His story, Journey to the Cross has become a tradition that keeps people coming back year after year. This year, about 3,400 people attended — some for the first time and some for the second, fifth or 10th time.

Such dedication begs the question, "Why?" What is it about Journey to the Cross that draws people? Is it just the thing to do, or is it something more?

As a tour guide, not only do I get to experience every scene more than once, but I also have the opportunity to watch the story unfold through my groups’ eyes. Instead of concentrating entirely on my lines, I concentrate on the people. I want to see their reactions to the miracles Jesus performed and the life that He lived.

To see the tears gathering in their eyes as they watch Him praying in the garden, standing defenseless before an angry crowd at Pilate’s Headquarters, and most off all, hanging on a cross for their sins, means more to me than what I’m supposed to say next. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, especially when one person told me, “This is really a special thing that you all create here every year, so thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to tell His story.”    

When people make comments like that, I understand just how much Journey to the Cross means to the people of this community. Reaching people for Jesus — digging deeper into the depths of their very souls — is not only the reason we, as a church, do this every year, but it is also the reason people keep coming back. Because people have the opportunity to be a part of the story and walk with Jesus, Journey to the Cross is so much more than just a play. It is a powerful and life-changing experience.