Hilltop Adventist School Sees God Working Every Day

July 08, 2017 | Stewart Lewis

At Hilltop Adventist School, in Twin Falls, Idaho, the best time of our day is when we slow the pace down to praise our heavenly Father for all His many blessings through prayer, praise, Scripture or chimes.

As we reflect on the past few years at our wonderful school, it gives us an incredible feeling of just how the Holy Spirit has moved, has guided and continues to be present in our work, not only with educating young people but, most importantly, leading them to Jesus.

We have personally witnessed the love for Jesus in and for these students, as well as how student family lives have changed for the better. Looking forward to the new school year, we know that more lives will be touched by Christ, and we get very excited about sharing these God moments with our students.

It is my sincere belief that once Jesus returns and we are all together in His kingdom, we will be joined by students who have come to know and love Him through Adventist education across this world. We have many incredible schools that are staffed by amazingly dedicated teachers who love what they do each day through their mission in teaching.

These schools and teachers cannot do what they do each day without your support. It saddens me when I hear of one of our schools having to close due to finances or struggling to make ends meet financially.

I would like to personally ask each one of you to help prevent any of our schools from ever closing again. We need to flourish our schools with enough funds to promote and strengthen God's work. None of our schools are federally funded like public schools and must find ways to keep their doors open. 

For some smaller churches, it is tough subsidizing local church schools. Those same schools pray diligently each month, just to make their budget. With this new school year ahead of us, would you please pray with me frequently for our schools to be strengthened financially to spread the gospel as far and wide as we can?

Our schools are wonderful. Our children deserve this quality education. Our God is great … very great!

If you are on the fence between deciding to enroll your child in an Adventist school, please don’t hesitate any longer. The time is now, and His return is soon!