Boise Hispanic Group Becomes a Company

July 22, 2017 | Eve Rusk

A new Hispanic company was organized on Sabbath, May 13, 2017, at the Boise Valley Adventist School. This church plant was intentional; members of the area Hispanic churches began planning for it in 2014.

At the time, Alberto and Ceney Brenes, members at the Nampa Spanish Church, began finding people in the Boise, Idaho, area with whom to have Bible studies. The first fruits of their dedication resulted in two baptisms at the June 2015 Idaho Conference Camp Meeting. Although the Brenes family has since moved, a new leadership team of Amaury González and Victor Suástegui began working.

Francisco Altamirano, pastor of the Treasure Valley Hispanic District and Idaho Conference Hispanic ministries coordinator, shared the “ABC Strategy” to planting this church in Boise:

  • Affirming the faith of the current members of the group through an evangelistic series, weekly meetings in homes and the start of a regular Sabbath worship service for the group;
  • Building the church planting team through one-on-one coaching and training, to assist them in developing the new church’s values, vision and mission;
  • Consolidating the mission of the group, which included training the core group on how to give Bible studies, obtain decisions for Christ and get new interests.

In the city of Boise, the estimated 2013 population was just under 215,000. Hispanic population was just over 15,000. The nearest Hispanic Adventist church was in Nampa, about 30 miles away in Canyon County. This new company is targeting the Ada County area, with a focus on first-generation Spanish-speaking people.

On the Sabbath of the company organization, 19 of the 25 charter members were present. Daniel Rodriguez, lay pastor of the company, shared the history of its birth. Altamirano led the members in an affirmation of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. David Prest Jr., Idaho Conference president, challenged the new company.

Adrián Ávila presented the response of the new congregation. Troy Haagenson, pastor of the Cloverdale Church in Boise, which was the sponsor and host of the new congregation, ended the service with a prayer of dedication.

The new company already has aggressive evangelism plans for the remainder of 2017, including training for members and at least two evangelistic series. In mid-August, they will move to their new meeting site, the former Adventist Book Center at the Idaho Conference office. They are leasing the space from the conference. Work has been underway to prepare the space for its new occupants.

Please keep the new company in your prayers, as they continue on their journey to become a church. They are a lighthouse to the thousands of Hispanic people who need to know God loves them and has a plan for their lives, here and for eternity.