Amazing Things Happening at Livingstone Adventist Academy

July 13, 2017 | Eddy Darisme

This has been an awesome year at Livingstone Adventist Academy (LAA) in Salem, Ore. So many things have happened, from weeks of prayer to chapels, weekend retreats and Bible studies. The list is long, and we would like to share a few highlights with you.

One of the major events this year was inviting a group called Fight the New Drug (FTND) to come to our campus and give a presentation about the harmful effects of pornography. This group addressed the issue purely from a scientific perspective, viewing it as an addiction. This made our students ripe for discussion and follow up afterward. It has been such a joy to journey with students in providing a place where they can find hope and freedom from their struggles.

Another highlight has been studying with students in the elementary all the way to high school. It is challenging to cater to such a large age range. Anyone who has worked with kids knows that they can sometimes try your patience, but at the same time is so much fun to share simple truths with the elementary kids every week. One high school student will be baptized during our graduation weekend. Every week for the last several months we have been studying together what it means to be a Jesus follower in today's culture. It has been such a privilege to watch as the Spirit has worked and moved in such powerful ways.

One last highlight is our community service program here at LAA. Once a month for the entire school year, the entire school, from grades one through 12, goes out into the community and does service. We have developed very good relationships with different entities in town. One of our main service projects is helping at the Marion-Polk County Food Share. Through them, Livingstone has been able to help feed literally thousands of families in the Salem community. Looking ahead into next year we are looking for ways to expand our reach in the community and growing our service program.

This year hasn't just been a walk in the park. There have been challenges and many frustrations along the way. But overall I could not be more excited to be able to come alongside our students and be a part of their spiritual journey at such formative time in their lives.